Frequently asked questions

Here you will find an overview of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and information often required for event planning. If you have any additional questions, you are more than welcome to contact the Stadtmarketing and Saalmanagement GmbH Team personally.

Generally speaking, external caterers not listed in the catering pool are not permitted to serve drinks or food at SZentrum, particularly in the Silbersaal. Organisers must contact SZentrum managers, the Stadtmarketing and Saalmanagement Schwaz GmbH, to seek permission for exceptions to this rule.

Generally speaking, it is not possible for a caterer that does not belong to the SZentrum catering pool to cook and serve food at the event centre. However, in very exceptional cases, a special agreement can be made with SZentrum managers, the Stadtmarketing and Saalmanagement Schwaz GmbH.
Nonetheless, drinks from the Meistersinger Foyer bar are only allowed to be served by the main, in-house caterer.

After obtaining prior agreement from SZentrum managers, the Stadtmarketing and Saalmanagement Schwaz GmbH, a bar can be set up in the Silbersaal or Knappensaal for club events or school balls.

Ja, die Getränke für den Ausschank auch an der Vereinsbar oder an der Schülerbar müssen über den Caterer D & S Eventgastronomie gekauft werden. Der Caterer gibt allerdings die speziell ausverhandelten und reduzierten Preise, die aus den Verträgen, die der Betreiber Stadtmarketing und Saalmanagement Schwaz GmbH hält, resultieren, an die Veranstalter weiter.

Ample table linen supplies are available from SZentrum. Should you required table linen for your event, please inform your designated event manager from SZentrum in advance. A fee is charged per table cloth and chair cover.

All clubs and association registered in Schwaz receive a 50% discount on the room hire fee (excluding VAT). This 50 % reduction will only be deducted from the room hire fee, not from other chargeable services such as technician’s hours. All associations will receive a subvention form with the invoice, which must be filled out and returned to the Stadtmarketing and Saalmanagement Schwaz GmbH. The subsidy from Schwaz Authorities, however, will only be paid out once the outstanding invoice has been paid in full to the account of the Stadtmarketing and Saalmanagement GmbH.

Every event organiser is given the opportunity list their event on the event calendar themselves. Using the following link https://www.szentrum.at/veranstaltungen/veranstaltung-eintragen/, every event organiser can create their own access to the event calendar and re-enter using the same access codes to delete, edit or create new events.

SZentrum does not produce a programme publication. However, an information pamphlet which includes all SZentrum events is created by Schwaz Authorities and distributed to all Schwaz households 10 times a year. Furthermore, a monthly newsletter is sent out to all guests and customers that features the events which have been registered on the online calendar by the organisers themselves. There are, however, other marketing opportunities such as the positioning of display screens in SZentrum, or the large display screen next to the Lahnbach River.

The hired premises must be swept clean and tidy on leaving. If this is the case, no additional cleaning fees will be charged. Should more soiling be evident after events, such as balls and gala evenings, an additional cleaning fee of € 250,- (excl 20 % VAT) will be charged on top of the room rental.

SZentrum is always open from Monday to Thursday during the following office hours: 8.30 hrs to 12.00 hrs and 13.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs. The office is open on Fridays from 8.00 to 12.00 hrs. Appointments outside these office hours should be arranged in advance by telephone: +43.5242.6960-101.

No. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the entire SZentrum premises, including the Tabak Lounge. A separate smoking area can be set up on the terrace for events, when required.

No. Garage parking at the StadtGalerien is not included in the price of an event at SZentrum. The underground car park, therefore, must always be paid for additionally. Event organisers have the option of purchasing garage exit tickets from SZentrum management, for which the charges will be based on actual usage.