Multifunctional and versatile

SZentrum is a multifunctional venue located in a prime position in Schwaz Silver City. The sophisticated architecture impresses with its open design: It entices the outside world into its interior, whilst heightening one’s awareness of the view outdoors. Architect Raimund Wulz: “The cantilevered canopy with its three dimensional reflective underside exerts an almost magnetic force on visitors, attracting them to the Szentrum foyer. The ceiling extends into the interior of the foyer, suggesting a double room height where colours and movement are reflected. The ultimate aim was to turn the SZentrum into a place where festivities can be celebrated as well as be a meeting point for event organisers and visitors.”

SZentrum’s facilities speak for themselves and impress event organisers and visitors alike. State of the art technology, inviting rooms with perfect acoustics, sophisticated logistic processes as well as a network of dedicated partners offer the best conditions for the successful design and implementation of your event. Moreover, easy accessibility and perfect transport links – only a five minute walk to trains and bus services as well as 450 in-house underground parking spaces – are further positive aspects of the SZentrum.

The SZentrum premises and technical specifications are presented in greater detail over the following pages.