Sparkling ambience for your event

The room design was inspired by the history of the Silver City of Schwaz: True to the silver theme, the entrance area relates to the city’s Silver Age. The walls are deep red in colour and lend a modern and elegant character to the room. Under certain light conditions, a magical mood is created by the incorporated silver. Two high tech stages allow a variety of different events: theatre performances, balls, parties, concerts, readings, exhibitions or presentations. The hall can accommodate 150 to 1,200 visitors and the gallery provides room for a further 148 persons.

The hall is available in three variants. Below you will find information about seating arrangements, dimensions and technical facilities in the Silbersaal.


Surface area: 673 m²
Dimensions (W/L/H): 23m/23m/9m

Theatre seating: 642 persons – SEATING PLAN
Parliament/school: 388 persons
Banquet, round:
384 persons  – SEATING PLAN
Banquet, square:
440 persons – SEATING PLAN
Cocktail/poseur tables: 500 persons
Standing room: 1,200 persons

SILBERSAAL, FLOOR ROOM ONLY (up to 642 persons)

Surface area: 522 m²
Dimensions (W /L/H): 23m/23m/9m

Theatre seating:
642 persons – SEATING PLAN
340 persons – SEATING PLAN
Banquet, round:
320 persons – SEATING PLAN
Banquet, square:
376 persons – SEATING PLAN
Cocktail/poseur tables: 440 persons
Standing room: 800 persons

SILBERSAAL, FLOOR ROOM ONLY (up to 360 persons)

Surface area: 368 m²
Dimensions (W /L/H): 15m/15m/9m

Theatre seating: 358 persons – SEATING PLAN
Parliament/school: 116 persons – SEATING PLAN
Banquet, round: 160 persons – SEATING PLAN
Banquet, square: 240 persons – SEATING PLAN
Cocktail/poseur tables: 290 persons
Standing room: 500 persons

Seating from option 1 visible, just smaller.

The Silbersaal is equipped with built-in ceiling speakers for announcements and background music. The hall lighting can be dimmed and is easy to operate by wireless remote control.
As an extra feature, four crystal chandeliers are integrated into the ceiling which can be lowered as and when required.



  • 4 L-acoustics A15 Focus
  • 4 L-acoustics A15 Wide
  • 6 L-acoustics Subs KS 21
  • 4 JBL PRX 615M  multi function active speaker
  • Digital mixer Midas Pro3 48 Kanal/Yamaha LS9 32/16 mit 16/8 Ethernet Stagebox
  • Diverse integrated broadcasting equipment (CD-Player/Radio/DVD-Sound…)


  • 2 L-acoustics Syva
  • 2 L-acoustics X8
  • Amping über L-acoustics LA4X + LA12X mit P1


  • 4 channel Shure wireless systems ULX4D with two hand held and 2 headset microphones


The stage lighting concept consists of the following types of lamps:

  • PAR64 1kW, Fresnel lenses 1kW & 2kW, profiler 1kW, floodlights 0,5kW, Eurolite LED MLZ-56RGB and Varytec LED PAR 56, moving head future light PHS-210
  • Lite-Puter DX-1228 DMX modular dimmer
  • Detailed information on the hall lighting can be found in the lighting plan.
  • Light control grandMA2 on PC with command wing and fader wing


  • Connector panels for HDMI, VGA and audio in the hall
  • 1 Panasonic PT-DZ 110 X beamer with ET-LE 30 zoom lens
  • 2 Panasonic PT-DZ 6700 EL beamers with ET-DLE 450 zoom lens
  • Control via PC tablet
  • Permanently installed camera on the hall ceiling, remote controlled
  • Diverse picture projectors (DVD/satellite receiver…)



The Silbersaal stage is a classic proscenium stage. The floor is covered with black timber boards and the remaining stage area decorated in black. The performing area of 16 x 8 m (128 m²) provides enough room for most stage productions. If more performance area is required, the stage can be extended to a size of 16 x 12 m (192 m²). Many different variants are possible. The rear wall is covered by reflective, black velvet curtains which can be drawn by hand.

The motorised main curtain is remote controlled and its colour evokes memories of Schwaz’s silver trade heyday. The second stage curtain is also remote controlled and shimmers in a subtle anthracite tone.
6 side wings can be easily adjusted, and therefore adapted to suit a variety of situations.

3 traverses are located above the stage for mounting lighting and sound reflectors. The front traverse is on a rigid mount and the two rear traverses are height adjustable. These mobile traverses can be used to influence the acoustics in the entire hall and offer three settings with laser accuracy for diverse acoustic settings on stage (normal / orchestra / soloist).
The usable height of the stage varies according to the settings of the sound reflectors (front stage edge – bottom line of the sound reflector is always 5.8m., rear of the stage 5.80 m to 3.80 m).

Here you will find the most important information on the Knappensaal to download: